We specialize in consecutive interpreting – an interpreter is next to the speaker, listens to their speech and once it ends, they reproduce it as a whole in the target language. This technique is most often used during business meetings, audits, expert meetings in small groups, negotiations, excursions, etc. In case of interpreting, extremely important is not only a perfect command of a foreign language, but also interpersonal skills and impeccable appearance of an interpreter. A well-trained consecutive interpreter is able to accurately reproduce even a ten-minute speech. Interpreters with whom we cooperate in the field of consecutive interpreting are not only great professionals, but they are also resistant to stress, demonstrate impeccable diction and personal culture. We also employ multilingual translators, for example Italian-English-Polish, Italian-French-Polish, etc.


We have experience in translating during:


- business meetings


- training


- audits


- assembly operations and servicing of production lines


- negotiations


- excursions


- conferences

Valuation Form

We treat each translation individually, and its cost depends on the number of pages, the degree of difficulty of the text and the language of the original. Each text is subject to a separate valuation so as to be able to provide the highest quality at a low cost. In connection with the above, we encourage you to contact our translation coordinator who will prepare the most advantageous offer for you.


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